Jul 1, 2016
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Quit Chocolate Addiction For Good With Therapy

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The second in a series of recordings targeted at different food types. Each recording has unique techniques and messaging. You may be thinking that nothing could break you free of your chocolate cravings or addiction. From first hand experience, as someone who used to eat chocolate, and only chocolate, all day on some of my worst days, I can absolutely confirm you CAN retrain your brain, body and taste buds. I never miss it and I never feel deprived. This has strong and powerful imagery so be sure you are ready to make positive changes before listening and never listen to this while driving or performing any other task.

This therapeutic treatment works with several techniques: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to look at what you’re thinking to justify the habit, “rewind” technique in hypnotherapy to look at triggers for eating chocolate, other hypnosis techniques to replace chocolate for any emotional eating with a more rewarding experience. And finally it ends with strong aversion therapy to put you off dark, milk and white chocolate.

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